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Omni Clinic is a premier internal medicine provider of choice delivering the highest quality health care service to its patients. Internal medicine focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Offering a broad spectrum of health care services to patients, we aim to achieve successful health results to improve the quality of health of our patients. 

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Here at Omni Clinic, we take pride in our compassionate and responsive approach to our patients. Our expertise expands beyond medical treatment. We respect the dignity, rights and traditions of our patients while providing them the right medical treatments. Being a patient-centered medical home clinic, we practice high standards of medical ethics, patient confidentiality and sincere care. There is so much to savor and enjoy and what better way to live life than to be healthy and happy. We are your partners in health care, caring for you all the way.

    Our Mission 

Our extensive clinical practice and continuous medical learning and research provide excellent and innovative medical solutions. The medical world and practice is ever-changing with the emergence of diverse diseases. It is this challenge that we continue to rise above these adverse circumstances to help improve medical innovations. We help shape North Carolina internal medicine with our dedication in providing excellent health care.

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Backed by over 17 years in the industry, we have established a solid reputation as the premier Internal Medicine physicians in Jacksonville NC. We are the trusted health care providers giving you the right treatments for your specific health care needs. This is more than a job to us. This is a privilege to be able to serve you and create a healthier community.